About Us



Welcome to International Conference E-team ”Sharing Students` Ideas and Experiences about the Future of Research” (8-11 December 2016).

We are a research group of students (undergraduate, MA and PhD) coordinated by Professor Ticu Constantin, named ”E-Team Psychology”.

With the endorsement of our university, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, in collaboration with Psiterra Association and sponsored by the Hall of Iasi, we will hold the International Conference ”Sharing Students` Ideas and Experiences about the Future of Research” at the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, Romania, 08 thru 11 of December, 2016.

We feel honored to invite you to attend this event. By this conference we hope to identify other students/ students` research groups, and, no less importantly, to meet their tutors, reputed professors.

Firstly, on the occasion of this Conference we want to share experience and work results, and, secondly, to create an opportunity to initiate future collaborative projects in psychological research.

The conference will feature two sections: the first one will be dedicated to the presentation of studies, and the second section will create the setting where the students and their teams will meet together and share their most recent scientific results, interests and future directions, their contributions to the field and even their operation methods as research group.
Development of international cooperation in the scientific field through a Conference designed to facilitate sharing research ideas between students and specialists in psychological research from the country and abroad.
 To know experts in various fields of psychology in the country and abroad in debates and thematic presentations (State of the Art, Keynote Speaker sessions);

 To have a chance to get feedback on your work / research project presented;

 To be able to publish the summary of the work / project in a special section of the Conference website so that visitors can access some information with the opportunity to contact the authors for more details (if the participant / team project agrees).

 To find out about the research interests of colleagues (in the Scientific Communication Sessions);
 To practice some of the most useful skills for a future psychologist and / or researcher in the field, through workshops sustained by great trainers.

 To discover the projects, activity and identity of E-Team and other groups / research teams participating, in a unique manner. (In working sessions that will bring in the foreground share ideas – MIND EXCHANGE);

 To receive a diploma, certificates or other rewards for participation;

 To know colleagues with similar interests in research and to develop long-term collaboration with them in national and international levels;
Last but not least….
There is an opportunity to continue the tradition of participating at E-Team Conference (for anyone who has been joined us in previous editions of event )
Also, there is a chance for those who have not taken part in previous editions because they could now start a tradition in this regard.